Ever heard of a Recruiter turned Kindergarten Teacher turned International Consultant, Trainer, Advisor, Keynote Speaker, and… Hacker? Meet Susanna Frazier (Me!), the first (and only) three-time SourceCon Hackathon Champion.

“Fluent in Business, Talent, & Technology,” my primary passion is driving improvement – both people and process improvement. In pursuit of this mission, I’ve notably founded the group “Sourcers of Code” and carved out a niche for developing corporate Strategic Sourcing functions from the ground up. I’m currently helping accomplish this talent innovation at the world’s largest private employer, Walmart eCommerce.

I’d also love to help with Sourcing F.Y.I… What information? D) All of the above. I’m available to provide an analysis of your talent acquisition operations, customized recruitment training, and talk at events about sourcing strategies, tech recruitment, tools… and more!