This is an alphabetized list of Facebook Groups geared toward sourcing recruitment professionals… Have an additional recommendation? Please leave a link in the comments!
(Updated December 8, 2018)

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  • BadAss Recruiters & Sourcers (BARS) by Marcel van der Meer | Another group about sourcing & recruitment? No this is Badass recruiters & sourcers. Here you will find unique content and a lot of engagement. Learn (growth) hacks & playbooks.
  • Boolean Strings, the Internet Sourcing Community by Sourcing Certifications | Sourcers, Recruiters, Researchers, Talent Acquisition Professionals, Sales, Business Development; All who search the Internet: Share Boolean Strings to find data-rich sites, resumes, profiles, contacts, lists; discuss search engines, deep web, semantic search, Google, Bing, LinkedIn, other social sites; productivity tools, browser extensions, scrapers, people aggregators, tips, techniques, and strategies.
  • Community for Recruiters, Staffing, & Talent Acquisition Professionals by Hiretual | Feel free to chat and discuss anything related to job search, recruiting, staffing, post links to your favorite HR articles. Only post jobs with all the specific details available. If you are looking for opportunities within HR or IT or anywhere really, we have a ton of awesome recruiters in here that could help. Feel free to ask.
  • Data Miner User Community by Data Miner | This group is for users of Data Miner and those who want to learn more about it.
  • Growth Hacking Recruiters by Tris Revill | FREE tips to make you a better recruiter! This group is for sharing growth hacking tips between recruiters and other professionals. A discussion group focused on real-life learnings. You will learn new ways to hire more in this group. You will find tips to grow your brand and find the people you need.
  • Proactive Talent Acquisition Bench Building: Sourcing Strategy by Ninh Tran & Mike Rasmussen | This is a Like-Minded Group of Proactive Talent Acquisition Professionals sharing ideas and strategies to build pools and benches of Talent before needs arise. The goal is to help each other and support one another in this approach and an open forum for same. We will share strategies for keeping key talent/candidates engaged, and sourcing strategies/best practices that can be employed in this effort.
  • Recruiters Online by Michael Kelemen | Professional recruiters discuss recruiting here. You should be in a recruiting-related role to join.
  • Recruiters Who Actually Make Placements by Jerry Albright | This is a “discussion”-based group to talk about the ins/outs of recruiting. Please! Don’t drive-by and drop a link to your blog/company newsletter or latest marketing junk. Discussions HERE, please. No links to other places with a simple “Thoughts?” or “Did you see this?” stuff. No ads or you’ll be publicly ridiculed.
  • Recruiting Leaders by Chris Comrie & Kameron Kales | This community is made to challenge recruiters and sourcers and to provide cutting-edge tactics and strategies. Whether you’re a Recruiter, Sourcer, or VP of Talent, this group is for you to learn, share, and grow. Why create the group? Recruiting is fun  Provides a valuable making-friends opportunity What content should be posted? Feel free to share your BEST recruiting/sourcing content here. Preferably it’s something YOU create. This community is intended for original content preferably native to Facebook. The question you need to answer: Do you want to be the best you can? If yes, then you’re welcome to participate.
  • Secret Sourcing Group by RecruitingBlogs | This is a secret sourcing group for recruiters and sourcers to share and learn.
  • SourceCon by SourceCon| Welcome to the community of sourcing run by sourcers 🦄
  • Sourcers Unleashed by Maureen Sharib | Stay curious. We talk about secret sourcing stuff (and sourcing secret stuff) and we’ve been doing it since 2005 (started on Yahoo! and in the groups on ERE way before that!) This is a hangout for sourcers in the recruiting business. In sourcing, you have to know more today than you did yesterday and this means knowing how to begin and carry on a conversation – sourcing today means not only finding but also connecting with the human being on the other side of the screen!
  • Sourcers Who Code by Susanna Frazier | Sourcers Who Code is a collective learning community for Talent professionals to share innovative recruitment solutions and strengthen their ability to talk both Talent and Tech by learning to code. Our Goal: To improve recruitment processes by strengthening our ability to talk both Talent and Tech − a tremendous value-add!
  • SourcingIRL – Open Source Streaming by Greg Hawkes | Talent Sourcing can be very challenging. We’ve built SourcingIRL as a live forum to battle these challenges and break down obstacles. This is open source Sourcing for all skill levels, so no trolling please. If you haven’t done so, you will need to create a YouTube or Twitch account to watch the Streams.
  • Talent Product Plays by Martin Burns & George LaRocque| Some of us make the stuff. Some of us use the stuff. Some of us analyze the stuff. Some of us market the stuff. A lot of us have done all that stuff, and one point or ‘nuther. And, there’s a _lot_ of the stuff out there. HR, TA, etc stuff. This is a spot where talent product types share ideas, kvetch, find job/ hiring leads, hatch plans to conquer the world.
  • Talent Sourcers Group by | A group dedicated to sharing the latest talent sourcing news! Topics include: Boolean Strings, Sourcing Tools, Browser Extensions, and AI recruitment etc.
  • The Facebook Corporate Recruiters Network by Garick Chan & Tim Moran | The Facebook Corporate Recruiters Network is a group designed to help Corporate Recruiters expand their networks and also as a general forum for sharing ideas/thoughts. The primary focus being to leverage the power of Facebook as a central feature of a successful Social Media based Recruitment/Sourcing strategy. The second area of focus is to have fun achieving the first. The group is open to all Corporate Recruiters.
  • The Sourcing Method by The Sourcing Institute | This is where Talent Sourcing is learned. Welcome all those who teach, learn discuss talent identification and engagement. We believe that Talent Sourcing is how recruitment can be transformed from a cost center into a discrete capital investment.

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