Welcome to my website!

(that’s still under construction💁

 This site showcases Talent Acquisition best practices and innovative sourcing tools and technique/ologies − while also highlighting a bit about my background, areas of expertise, & offerings.

Who I am & What I do…

I’m a vivacious Talent Acquisition & Strategic Sourcing leader 👩‍💻SourceCon Speaker & Hackathon Champ 🏆, Certified Recruiter & Educator 👩🏼‍🎓, & Founder of @SourcersWhoCode 🤓.

By having the ability to bridge the communication gap between businesses, technologists, & job seekers, I provide optimized solutions spanning the following key areas:

  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Recruitment marketing
  • Workflow process improvement
  • Training & best practice education
  • Operations & system configuration

I’ve also developed a niche for building corporate Strategic Sourcing functions from the ground up − which I’m currently doing at the world’s leading music company, Universal Music Group.